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The largest collection of Joker memorabilia in the world (According to me)

Over 1,500 unique items spanning the entire life of our favorite villain The Joker!

This collection includes everything! Action figures, autographed photos, autographed comics, autographed prints, board games, comic books, dishware, dolls, figurines, statues, keychains, lunchboxes, magazines, books, videos, dvds, posters, trading cards, original artwork, and tons more. You could open a museum. And the biggest thing is you get bragging rights! No one has a larger collection. (Just ask my mom!)

This is your chance to have a world class collection.

I've been collecting memorabilia related to the Joker for over 25 years. It started with a couple action figures then a button or two and then a doll and then a keychain and now the collection is taking over my house. Every day is another web auction. Every weekend is a trip to a flea market or comic convention. I've contacted the Guiness Book of World Records and they say my collection can only compete in the Batman collection category. And since Batman can include every character in the Batman universe I never got the nod from them. I can tell you that at one time it was larger than the one they had on the books!

Before we go any further go check out the website. It is basically pictures of everything in the collection.

Now come the rules.

If you're a dealer you will be wasting your time by making me a lowball offer. I don't intend to lose money on this.

If you're a collector don't waste your time expecting to get some sort of "great deal". I spent over 25 years of my life amassing this collection. And for over half of the items I paid to have them shipped to my house. I'm not asking to be reimbursed for the shipping costs but if you add in the shipping costs that I paid you are getting a "great deal".

Viewing the collection in person is by appointment only. No one will be allowed any where near the location without a valid ID. We will also photograph you and your vehicle.

The terms are cash only. Cash. Cash. Not a check, Not Paypal. Not a certified check. Not a cashiers check. Only a big stack of cash is going to work. Not a wire transfer. Not wampum. Nothing but cash.

$40,000 firm. As firm as concrete. Don't bother with lower offers.
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