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We have Investor Funds available for investors who seek to finance their projects, worldwide.
Funding is non-recourse, which means the investor does NOT have to repay funds.

Collateral is Required, which is returned upon the completion of funding program.
Collateral can be the following:

(1) CASH = $10M+
(2) Bank Instruments = $100M+
(3) Long Term Notes = $100M+
(4) Heritage Funds = $100M+
(5) Bank Certificates of Deposit = $50M+
(6) Bank Safe-Keeping Receipts+ $50M+
(7) Equity Lines of Credit = $20M+

If you have any of the seven above assets and would like to receive funding, to finance your projects or any other legal purpose, then serious inquiries are accepted from Direct owners and/or their direct legal rep with your complete contact info.
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